Payment of University Bursaries


The dates for bursary payments are as follows.

1. 15th December 2008
2. 15th January 2009
3. 16th February 2009
4. 16th March 2009
5. 15th April 2009

These will be paid directly into bank accounts. You should ensure your bank details are accurately recorded on your SOLE pages.

To receive an enhanced level of bursary you must have submitted a copy of your financial assessment to the Finance Department.


7 Responses to “Payment of University Bursaries”

  1. stephanie asbury Says:

    does every student receive a bursary.. i cannot remember if i applied for one, but i know i am entitled to one…is there any way you can check if im due bursary payments for those following dates?? x many thanks x steph x

  2. Registry Services (pick1) Says:


    You can find details of the University bursary scheme of the following web pages

  3. Briar Falla Says:

    If a student hasnt received any loans for tuition fees or a maintenance grant will they still receive the £500 bursery? thanks

  4. worchara2 Says:

    Yes, the bursary is paid regardless of tuition fee loans or maintenance grants.

    Click here for more info

  5. Stephanie Loomes Says:

    Do you now how much we get in each month if we get the full amount?

  6. Alison Perkins Says:

    May I just advise you that the first bursary payment has not gone into my bank account today? I don’t know whether you are having any problems but I thought I would notify you as my bank account details are correctly held in the system.

    Thank you and best regards

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