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How is my degree classified – your questions answered

16 January 2015

We are regularly asked about what is required to achieve a degree and what grades are required to achieve say an upper second class (2:1) degree. There is a link to all this information (FAQs) in the Assessments>Award Details container on your SOLE pages.

What do I need to be awarded a degree?
To be awarded an honours degree you will need to meet the following requirements:
To pass a total of 360 credits (this will often include the need to pass the 30 credits Level 6 Independent Study module)

Most students achieve this total credit requirement by passing 120 credits at levels 4, 5 and 6 but the rules for some courses permit some flexibility but all courses require students to:

To pass at least 120 credits at level 4 and
To pass at least 120 credits at level 6

The full flexibility is described in the Taught Courses Regulatory Framework.

How is my degree classification calculated?
Using 15 credit modules, the Honours degree classification will be calculated two ways, and the Board of Examiners will confirm whichever of the two methods results in the higher classification. For the majority of students, the classification will be the same using both methods.

Method 1: classification is determined on the profile of the best four grades (60 credits) achieved at Level 5 and the best 8 grades (120 credits) at Level 6:

Method 1 - L5 and L6 classification









Method 2: classification is determined on the profile of the best 8 grades (120 credits) at Level 6:

Method 2 - L6 classification








When a result is for a 30 credit module rather than 15 credits, the grade achieved will be used twice e.g. a grade B in MOD3001 which is a 30 credit module will count as two B grades in the calculation.

Students who are following a top-up (Level 6) course having previously studied a HND or Foundation Degree will only have results at Level 6, therefore only Method 2 will be used to calculate the classification.  The modules from a separate course will not be used.

The rules are defined formally in the Taught Courses Regulatory Framework.


Examinations at the University

16 January 2013

We are aware that the met office is predicting heavy snow, however the University remains open and examinations will go ahead as planned.


Please see the Registry Services webpage for information on what to do if you are unable to attend or are late for your examination;

If you are unable to present yourself at the examination before it ends and are unable to find your module tutor, you must make your way to FirstPoint to speak with one of the FirstPoint advisers.


If you are unable to attend due to exceptional mitigating circumstances, information on submitting a claim is available via your SOLE page under the assessments tab.

Examinations – “Silence – Examinations in Progress” and general advice for candidates

11 May 2012

exams in progress

Starting Monday 14 May and for all of next week, examinations will be taking place across the campus.   Please keep noise to a minimum around the venues and when you see the signs.

What to do if you cannot attend your exam/you will arrive late to your exam 

Please be aware that students can be admitted to the exam room up to half an hour after the start of an examination, so if you are delayed by traffic or public transport you may still be able to attend. If you cannot arrive within the first half an hour of the exam, you must still make every attempt to arrive at the exam room BEFORE the exam has finished. If you are seen by the invigilator or the examination officer before the examination has finished, we will be able to give you a grade of late submission which will permit you reassessment for that module (this is instead of a grade of non submission which would cause you to fail the module and retake it, with attendance, in the following academic year).

What to do if you feel unwell in your exam

If you are unwell or there are extenuating circumstances which will prevent you from attending your exam or performing to the best of your ability in the exam, you should make a claim for mitigating circumstances. You can find the claim form and further information on your SOLE page. You will need to attach independent evidence to your claim form, in accordance with the mitigating circumstances regulations.

Please be aware that holidays and personal organisation are not grounds for mitigating circumstances.

Examinations – January 2011

25 November 2010

Exam room

We plan to publish the examination timetable on Monday 29 November.

This year, examinations are not being scheduled on the day a module was taught during the semester. This change is designed to enable examinations to be scheduled more effectively and allows us to try and spread a students exams over the week and to avoid bunching. It also means we will need to spread examinations over fewer rooms reducing potential communication issues if for example there is a need to clarify any aspect of a paper.

We will be publishing for students a personalised examination timetable on the SOLE pages and will closer to the exam day indicate the seat number for the allocated room.

If any examination appears to be missing from the timetable you should alert the Examinations and Awards Officer in Registry Services to this as a matter of urgency.

Revised exam date for PSYC3065

23 May 2008

Following the cancellation of the exam for PSYC3065 on Friday 23rd at 6pm., the revised date for this examination will be Thursday 29th May at 2pm, in the Cotswold Suite. Students who have been allocated special provisions for this examination should report to the same room as previously advised.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation in these exceptional circumstances.

Many Thanks

Thomas Kidd
Examinations and Awards Officer


22 May 2008

exams in progress

Starting tomorrow (23 May), and for all of next week, examinations will be taking place in the Cotswold Suite and the Worcester Room of the Conference Centre. Could staff and students please be aware of this when in these areas of the campus.

Exam timetable published

25 April 2008

The exam timetable for Semester 2 2007/2008 has now been published.

Failed an exam or an assignment?

6 March 2008

Re-assessment workshops for UMS, HND and Foundation Degree students are being held in March and April.

Sessions include essay writing, revision and exam techniques, referencing, stress and anxiety management, time management and finding information and using I.T.

For more information or to book a place, email

Exams in progress

21 January 2008

exams in progress

Starting today (21 January), and for the rest of this week, examinations will be taking place in the Cotswold Suite and the Worcester Room of the Conference Centre. Could staff and students please be aware of this when in these areas of the campus.