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Don’t forget to cancel your Programme Adviser Appointment if you no longer need it

24 September 2014

We would like to remind you that if you no longer need a Programme Adviser appointment that you have booked can you please cancel your reservation so that the timeslot can be made available.

You can cancel your appointment via the link on your SOLE page or by visiting

The Programme Advisory Service is currently very busy and we are experiencing a very high volume of requests for appointments from students. If you fail to attend an appointment you are using a slot that another student could take. Thank you.


Module Selections

29 April 2013

We are really sorry about the difficulties many of you have experienced with selecting your modules today and colleagues in Student Records are working hard to help students who are encountering difficulties.

We are sorry that you were presented with your current level modules initially rather than your next level. This has caused us additional problems which is why some of you are being presented with modules from the current year.

If you are being presented with modules from your current year you need to let us know, we will then remove them from your record.

ILS are investigating the performance issues with SOLE timing out.

We will investigate staggering the start times next year, perhaps by level but with very flexible degree programmes that let students take modules from different levels, this is not as straight forward as it might initially appear.

Applying for Student Finance for 2012/13

27 January 2012

If you are a full-time student who will be continuing your studies in September you are likely to have received correspondence from Student Finance England advising you to apply for your financial support for 2012/13.

In order for you to be able to apply for your funding the University is required to submit course information to the Student Loans Company.  Unfortunately, the Student Loans Company are experiencing technical difficulties with their web portal and we are unable to supply any information to them.  The situation is being looked into by the Student Loans Company but they are currently unable to state when the problem will be resolved.  We are not the only institution that has been affected by this.

Please refrain from applying for your funding for next academic year until further notice.  A further notice will be displayed here once the Student Loans Company have rectified the issue.

Census Week – 8 – 12 October 2007

8 October 2007

In the third week of each semester, full-time students studying degree courses which include a number of optional modules are asked to check and confirm that they have the correct modules recorded for the semester.

By having accurately recorded modules means that the correct details are made available to Blackboard and that grades for assessed work can be recorded accurately and results made available in a timely way after the Board of Examiner meetings.

Students will find that access to other services available from the SOLE pages are temporarily withdrawn until the census has been completed.